Brooching the Subject: an Online Exhibit

We are proud to announce our next art exhibition: an online collection of brooches that explore social, political, and cultural commentary. 

Brooches have long been used as communication tools to impart information such as marital and class status, religion, political leanings, and even hidden desires. Most recently brooches have become visual tools that complement verbal communication through their ingenious use by leaders such as Madeline Albright, Michelle Obama, and Queen Elizabeth. 

In this exhibition, artists from across the globe, including artists from 5 countries, 11 states, and over a dozen artists from Colorado, use brooches to explore complex issues in our current times. Join us in exploring many of the most pressing issues in our society with these thought-provoking, one of a kind pieces of wearable art. 

This exhibit will be posted online starting on April 3rd and all pieces will be for sale. This show will be online through the end of April.
*Please note that this show has no physical location, this is an online-only exhibit.