Exposed: Flea Circus by Black Birch Studio

we, us, them, me, you, I
so fragile, so dark, so broken
so skillfully disguised
Facing the inscrutable

For the month of September we will be showing works in ceramic, glass, wax and iron by Black Birch Studio. These pieces will span from intimate miniatures to larger than life sculptures. This show is titled Exposed and is part of the Flea Circus series. Flea Circus is an evolving collection of visual stories that
explore the humor, the pathos, and the frailty of being human. It’s not far to the circus when you are the circus.

The work is bewitching both dark and hopeful, it binds me to humanity in ways that make me feel less alone.
-Kristen Jorden, writer, dancer- Denver

This work is the best kind of self-aware art. It shows that by exposing our vulnerabilities we are made stronger and better suited to the world.
-Ray Sumser, artist - San Francisco

Join us for a participatory exploration of the art and themes behind this show in front of the gallery on Saturday, Sept. 5th. That afternoon you will have an opportunity to engage with the art in an open air, socially distant way. The full show in the gallery will be available starting on Sept 5th as well. 

Black Birch Studio creates visual stories and commissioned art for public, private and commercial space.

August 18, 2020 by Jamie Hollier