Festivus Ornament Showdown: 2nd Edition

Join us in celebrating a Festivus for all of us! We are celebrating the holiday season at Balefire Goods by once again hosting a little friendly competition, and a cash prize of $300 for the best ornament. Metalsmiths and artists from across the country will create ornaments for our Festivus pole and then we will have head to head competitions online to find the most festive Festivus ornament! All the ornaments will be for sale so you will have plenty of opportunity to bring some festivity into your own celebrations. 

Here are the details on how this will go down: 

  • Each artist may submit up to 2 ornaments for consideration.
  • All materials are welcome. 
  • Must be a functional ornament with some way of attaching the piece to our Festivus pole (hanging like a regular ornament) and must be ornament sized. 
  • Retail value must not exceed $500 per piece.
  • The ornament must be an original design created by the submitting artist.
  • The submission must fit within a USPS, medium flat rate shipping box with enough room for adequate padding for safe shipping.
  • The ornament will be for sale: all selected ornaments will be available at Balefiregoods.com during the competition and will be on display at 7513 Grandview Ave Arvada, CO on our Festivus pole.
  • Jurors will decide who moves on to the instagram competition, which will be capped at 64 entries.
  • Winning submission will receive a $300 cash prize
  • Entry fee of $10 per artist.
  • Shipping deadline: we need the ornaments in hand by the 10th of November
  • Judging with the jurors will take place the week of Nov 22nd
  • The Instagram ornament showdown will begin on Nov 26th
  • Work will be insured while in our possession and during return shipping.
  • If a piece is sold, payment will be made the beginning of the month following the sale.

To submit, complete the entry form before midnight on Nov 9th. 

The format for our competition is based on the Battle of the Rings that is done by Danaca Design. Check out their site for more on that event and other events and art shows they organize.