Memory Boxes by Jesse Mathes

Starting January 15th through the end of February we will be showcasing the beautiful memory boxes that Jesse Mathes has handcrafted in precious metals to house the important mementos of her life. 

"One day while searching through my jewelry box I realized it was primarily filled with objects that weren't jewelry.  Most of the items were keepsakes from various points in my life. Items with no monetary value, but that were worth more to me than any of the "precious" jewelry in the box.  I decided to make a box made of precious materials for each item to convey how important the objects are to me personally.  The shape of each box is inspired by the item inside."

This show highlights a connection to our past and the little moments that bring us joy along the road of our lives. Join us as we relish in the moments and small items that define us. 

This show will open on January 15th and will run through the end of February, both in the gallery and online. While these specific boxes are not for sale, we welcome commissions to have your own memory box crafted for your favorite keepsakes. Contact us to learn more. 

January 10, 2021 by Jamie Hollier