New Works by Printmaker Johanna Mueller and Metalsmith Christine Ann Nicols

Driven by concept, steeped in symbolism, Johanna Mueller's work delves into the shared histories of humans, as told by animals. Borrowing from Native American, Aboriginal, Hindu, Buddhist, Biblical and other ancient art and cultural traditions, she find the similarities in story and symbol across cultures, and use animals to invigorate a renewed sense of humanness. This new body of work speaks to the unending life journey that we are all on, paying attention to ritual, intuition, and our gut feelings which lead to contemplation and the next step of our journey. The detail of the artwork will entice viewers, eventually projecting their own story onto the artwork, providing endless meaning to each piece.

This body of work by Christine Ann Nicols leverages natural elements such as geodes and copper combined with modern technology like LED lights to create unique lamps. These pieces bring the complexity and beauty of nature into interior places and create lights and shadows that are reminiscent of the campfires around which traditions and stories have been shared for generations. By bringing elements of the outside in, Christine investigates the way our connection with and reverence of nature has changed. The elements she uses are precious in their own way, yet most times are overlooked with our convenience driven, throw away mentality.

Join us for drinks, snacks, and a wonderful evening celebrating local art. In addition to our opening, Olde Town Arvada is a great destination for First Friday with openings at Vouna, The Cereal Box, Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters, and more.