Sincerely, Earth

Our April art show is a collaborative show titled Sincerely, Earth from local artists Christine Ann Nicols and Caitlin Zeller and will be on display from April 2nd through 30th. 

Artist's Statement:

My Dearest Inhabitants,

It's been so long since we’ve talked. Although I've been doing my best to get by, it's harder with each passing year. This cannot continue! Your "flourishing" has meant my demise. There is supposed to be balance, cooperation, and reciprocity between us. It seems to be lost. Generations of neglect, exploitation, and abuse have taken their toll. As my ailments grew, I tried sending subtle warnings, but you continue to ignore these omens. I fear my only option is to escalate further. Maybe then you’ll notice?

I am suffocating under the weight of your convenience. You've made mountains of debris; islands of plastic; rivers of chemicals. One can barely see the stars for the constant buzzing glow of your cities. I can't control my temperature. I am hurting those I hold dearest. So many of my beloveds are disappearing. When will it be enough? What happens to me reverberates onto you. Your indifference frightens me as it could be our kiss of death! Is what you gain worth the price?

The depths of your dreams have always astounded me. Your imagination knows no bounds as you strive for improvement. I know you are capable of fixing these problems we face. It is not your ability I doubt; only your resolve.

In your recent suffering, I gasped a breath. Then, unexpectedly, it seems you took one too. More of you stepped outside to revel in the beauty I always long to share with you. Could you feel the quiet and stillness that came with your venturing out? Oh, how I had missed this! Didn't you? In your grief, we gained a small but needed respite. Did it help you remember what we risk losing?

Please! Unite. Take action. Work for the change we both so desperately need. I am begging you. Before it is too late!

Yours Sincerely,
March 18, 2021 by Jamie Hollier