Statement on COVID-19
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Transcript: I have been trying to figure out what and how to address the elephant in the room over the last few days/weeks as the Coronavirus spreads and people's lives are changed, endangered, and even lost. This is an unprecedented event in my lifetime and I am not really sure how to address it all. First off, I want to acknowledge that this illness is awful and all of us at Balefire Goods have great empathy for those that are ill or fear for themselves or their loved ones. Also, we are very aware that this is secondary to the issues of health and safety, but we have strong communities of people that are scared for other reasons. For business owners that have restaurants, coffee shops, stores, salons, etc. this sort of event could be devastating and bring a swift end to dreams that have taken a lifetime to build. For jewelers, ceramicists, glass blowers, painters, etc. this could mean not being able to make ends meet. For me personally, with a newer business that was just starting to get on firm ground, I feel all of these things. The ramifications of this illness are far-reaching and will change our country and lives in ways many of us haven't even begun to fathom. So, with all of this in mind, I ask that you please support local, independent, and small businesses and makers in any way you can. Don't get me wrong: stay safe first and foremost with responsible approaches to behavior (like staying home if feeling ill, washing hands, etc.)... However, please remember that this will impact more than just health for many. If you can make purchases with small and local companies, please do. If you can't support financially, please just share about them online, write them reviews that might help others find them, whatever you can think to do. We love our communities and the amazing people that we have had the fortune to meet though Balefire and still hold out hope for a bright and safe future for all of us.

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