10 Types of Valentines and the Perfect Gifts for Each

It is almost here once again: Valentine's Day. This year, instead of fighting to get one of the ever-dwindling dinner reservations at a hot new restaurant or a bouquet that might poison your pet, why not opt for a wearable piece of art? Something they can cherish for years to come. Regardless of what your Valentine's style, we likely have just the thing.

Don't have a valentine? Why not be your own and buy yourself that piece you have been eyeing. Also, these suggestions work just as well for other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, etc. 


How about something a with a little humor or whimsy to it? If your Valentine loves things that are a little playful, these pieces will be sure to bring a smile to their face.

Silver paper plane necklace and cufflinks  Enamel Sugar Skull Pendants Binary Felt Necklace


Does your Valentine love to go hiking or lounge at the beach? Check out these great nature-inspired pieces that allow you to take the outdoors with you wherever you go.
Sand and Resin Pendant  Leaf style pendant Roller Printer Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets


Is your Valentine always the first to tell you about all the newest indie bands and loves hitting up music festivals? These pieces, from stackable bracelets to pieces with a rustic edge, will look great in any venue.

Brass and Silver Long Earrings beaded bracelets on a man's arm Silver, gold, and oxidized discs earrings


If a night out with your Valentine means getting dressed up and hitting the hottest social events, you might want to go with a little glamour. These pieces are sure to add a little bling and turn a few heads.

Ruby and Black Diamond Ring Pleated Silver Necklace Tourmalated Quartz and Spinel Necklace


If your Valentine has a membership at the Museum of Contemporary art and hits up First Friday art walks regularly, check out these great pieces of wearable art.

Sterling Silver Circular Pendant with lines  Asymmetrical Silver Circles Earrings Enamel Pendant with shades of blue


If your Valentine likes to make a statement, then these big, bold, and beautiful pieces will surely be the thing to stand out in a crowd. 

Large Brass Pendant  Purple Chalcedony Earrings Coral Necklace


When a white button-up is a go-to in your Valentine’s wardrobe, chances are they like a little more traditional approach to their style. These pieces bring an artistic and handmade sensibility to traditional pieces.

Two Silver necklaces with small round silver beads Silver and Gold Rinr Small Silver necklace with 3 petals and one CZ 


Does your Valentine love color and lots of it? Bold and bright, this collection of pieces brings a ton of color to any outfit.

Blue 3d printed earrings  Anodized Aluminum Bracelets Red Enamel Pendant


Is a suit and tie or a cardigan and heels standard attire for your Valentine? If so we have a few things that will bring a little more style and interest to their business uniform.

 Gold Shapes Necklace  leather multi-stand bracelet 


If your Valentine loves to shop for mid-century furniture and embraces clean lines and modern architecture, these pieces might be just the fit.

Gold circular lines pendant  White and Black Enamel Earrings 

Bonus: If jewelry just isn't the right thing for your Valentine, how about you by them a beautiful wooden box or a rock for their wall? On featured artists for February in the shop make wonderful handmade wooden boxes and watercolors of gems and minerals. 

Handmade Wooden Jewelry Boxes Watercolor painting of a red gemstone

If you just have no idea for your Valentine, we also have gift certificates so they can pick out the item they will cherish for themselves. 

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