Casting Metal

Many of the artists we carry at Balefire not only create great art, but are thinking of the environmental impact of their work as well. Check out just some ways that our artists are working to make their work more environmentally friendly:

Rulers remade into bracelets Sand and Resin Earrings

  • Makeshift creates upcycled jewelry made from rulers, street signs, cymbals, etc. Giving these items a new life keeps them from ending up in our landfills across the nation.
  • Each purchase of work from BoldB's Aqua collection comes with a donation to, an international nonprofit organization that has transformed the lives of over six million people around the world through access to clean water.
  • Most of the gemstones and all of the diamonds found in our collections are recycled or conflict-free
  • The majority of our artists use recycled metal for their works, helping to minimize the environmental and social impacts that come from mining precious metals. 
  • When our artists do use new metals, they get it from environmentally and socially conscious sources like the alluvial gold sourced from black sand in New Zealand that Ash Hilston uses. Check out the story behind this tiny gold sourcing operation on their site.

Gold Scrap

You too can help out! This Earth Day, you can help prevent further metal mining by recycling your unwanted jewelry and that metal might even end up in a piece by one of our artists. On Sunday, April 22nd, bring in unwanted silver and gold jewelry and in exchange, you will get a store credit that you can use to score some new art, jewelry, or home goods.

April 13, 2018 by Jamie Hollier

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