Pride Cake Month at Balefire Goods and Valhalla Cakes!

Like many of you, we were saddened this week by the supreme court decision involving a wedding cake from a Denver area bakery. Since that ruling, we have seen a lot of comments and attention being given to the bakery involved in that case, but we feel like we should all be focusing on the vendors in our area that support inclusion and the LGBTQ community rather than giving more attention to those that support hate. 

Based on all this and to celebrate Pride month, we created a new partnership with the fabulous Valhalla Cakes to offer Pride Cupcakes for Pride Month! For every purchase over $50 at Balefire Goods, you get a coupon for a complimentary pride-themed cupcake from Valhalla Cakes. Our Pride Cake celebration kicks off this Saturday, June 9th and runs through the end of the month (June 30th). 

Let's shift the conversation to be about celebrating and supporting the great vendors in the Denver area that love working with the LGBTQ community and want to celebrate love in all its forms rather than focusing on our energy on the haters!

June 06, 2018 by Jamie Hollier

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