Rachel Joins the Balefire Team

Welcome to our newest employee, Rachel. Rachel has been apprenticing with a local metalsmith and one of our resident artists, Cheyenne, and is now continuing her jewelry and metalsmithing education with us as well! We asked her a few questions after she was a few days into her new gig and this is what she had to say:

What attracted you to working at Balefire?

I was drawn to Balefire Goods because of the gallery's commitment to making jewelry accessible to everyone. There's such a wide range of artists and styles here, there's really a bit of everything. This shop is a really great place for me to grow as a jeweler and to learn from Jamie and all the incredible artists around me. And I want to wear just about everything in here! 

What is your favorite item or style of jewelry to wear?

In general, I tend to be drawn to large statement pieces that have a bit of an edge to them, especially earrings. I don't feel ready to leave my apartment until I have an interesting pair of earrings on! 

Do you have any favorite metalsmithing techniques?

I've recently been learning fold-forming, and I've been having a lot of fun with it. It's a very hands-on way of making jewelry, feels a bit like doing origami with metal! I started out learning to cast, and something about still feels a bit like witchcraft or alchemy to me.

Of the designers at Balefire, who are some of your favorites?

There's so many to choose from! I love Acanthus Jewelry. I'm obsessed with the contrast between the oxidized sterling silver and the 24k gold. Her pieces have a special place in my heart. Alex Boyd is also making some really amazing jewelry right now. Every piece he puts out is so unique and lovingly made, you can really see the amount of care and detail he puts into his work. Chapin Dimond's jewelry that's inspired by games and puzzles are so fun and beautiful, I'm a big fan of his work as well.

Is there anything that has surprised you or that was unexpected about working here?

I think I underestimated the community that's been built around this shop. I've been surprised by the number of people that have come in and been touched by this shop in some way. It's been really cool to feel so connected in that way!

What else in the Denver Art scene is interesting right now?

I love what the Art Gym is doing! They're making art more accessible for Denver creators by giving them a shared space to create in their studios! People can go there and have access to expensive equipment without having to worry about buying it themselves and I think that's just so neat. Great gallery spaces too! There's also a show at the William Havu gallery that just opened that I'm really excited about called Unseen Nature. They're showing a few really amazing Colorado-based female artists that are doing some really unique mixed media pieces that really wow me. There are just so many cool things to see in Denver right now!

If you see her in the gallery, be sure to make her feel welcome!


August 20, 2019 by Jamie Hollier


Pam Hollier

Pam Hollier said:

I hope you have a happy, successful experience at Balefire.
Enjoy your time there!

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