Wedding Ideas for Brides/Grooms and Guests

Wedding season is almost upon us once again. Or do weddings really have a season anymore? I feel like I know people that have had their weddings at all times of the year. Regardless, whether it is the little stress of finding the right gift as a guest or the crazy, all-consuming stress of planning your own big day, we can help! Here are a few things we carry that might just be the perfect thing for that perfect day.


For brides and grooms

Rings are always a huge choice. I mean, you are gonna be wearing this thing for the rest of your life, right? Ash Hilton makes wonderful wedding rings that feel great on and you can also feel great about buying them because they use all recycled or ethically sourced alluvial gold and recycled diamonds. Each piece is handmade by this family-owned company that pays their staff a living wage and gives back through multiple non-profits. Stop by the shop and we can discuss Ash's work to find the ring that is just right for you.

The big day is all about looking your best, which means wearing the perfect clothes and the perfect jewelry. If you are looking for the cufflinks that set off your suit, check out these fun but classy cufflinks from Alice Barnes and Jamie Hollier.


If you are like me and like jewelry that is understated but unique and classic for the big day, we have a ton of work from artists like Aileen Lampman, Adriane Panciera, Fulcrum, and Alice Barnes that would be a great fit. 



For the ceremony

Most weddings lean on adorable kids for getting the rings down the aisle in style, but let’s be honest, kids are not the most reliable with carrying things and they are easily distractible. Make that whole process a little less nerve-wracking by keeping your rings in a gorgeous handmade wooden box that has a lid to keep everything buttoned up while the rings make their journey down the aisle. Then you get the added bonus of a great little catch-all box or jewelry box after the big day is over.


For the wedding party

Many dread deciding on wedding party gifts. Figuring out something that is memorable, everyone will like, and isn’t just boring mass produced stuff can be quite a challenge. I mean, not many really want another flask or a water bottle with the word bridesmaid on it (If you do, cool on you). Some of our favorites for great gifts with personality and that your people will actually want include these awesome money clips that are made from recycled cymbals, handmade earrings that will be worn outside the wedding by Yed Omi, or you can even bring in your group to make some small simple jewelry pieces together in a private workshop at the store.



For the guests to give to the happy couple

A wedding is an event that marks our lives forever and should be celebrated with a gift you can cherish for a lifetime. Although mixers and vacuums are invaluable tools in our society (as I learned while trying to clean the house with a broken vacuum and in-laws on the way) they just don't do justice to the important milestones of our lives. Artisan and handmade gifts become heirlooms that hold memories of special times and people. Little Garage Studio makes ceramics that bright up a room and will be cherished for years to come. Tramake makes coasters, trays, and bottle openers that will actually get used (minus the planned obsolescence of kitchen gadgets). These travel bags from Range leather will make organizing toiletries, make-up, etc. for the honeymoon a breeze. Lastly, a great card is a wonderful moment for couples opening tons of cards, so we got you covered there as well.




March 16, 2018 by Jamie Hollier

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