Welcome Baleigh to the Balefire Team

Welcome to our newest employee, Baleigh. Baleigh is an experienced metalsmith and jeweler who just moved back to Colorado from Boston. Baleigh also has her own collection of jewelry that she creates, which you can check out on her site, Acebo Jewelry. We asked her a few questions after she was a few days into her new gig and this is what she had to say:

What attracted you to working at Balefire?

Balefire first caught my eye simply as a cool shop that was beautifully curated.  When I decided to relocate to Denver the gallery stood out to me as an amazing opportunity where I could join an artistic community that was socially & environmentally conscious.  

What is your favorite item or style of jewelry to wear?

I love to wear more minimalist pieces with clean shapes & lines or bold geometric designs--against the fluidity of the human body, it's a contrast that really appeals to me.

Do you have any favorite metalsmithing techniques?

While I really love the process of basic metal forming & fabrication--stone setting also really turns me on.  I love the problem-solving element of the work-- and the moment when you carve out the perfectly angled seat so your stone sits level is simply euphoric!

Of the designers at Balefire, who are some of your favorites?

Alex Boyd, his work is literally magical and the finishing on his pieces is so refined.  I also really like Acanthus--her work is bold and modern while still referencing ancient styles.  

Is there anything that has surprised you or that was unexpected about working here?

I knew that Balefire is so much more than a jewelry store--that it's a center for art, community, and education.  True to that message, on my first day we installed a new print series by a local artist and started to plan an artist reception. Balefire is already exceeding my expectations of being a gallery that is community-oriented by giving artists a place to showcase their work and stories.

What else in the Denver Art scene is interesting right now?

I am really excited to discover the landscape of the Denver art scene! So far everyone I've met at various galleries or art centers has been extremely welcoming and interconnected--it's really encouraging for a newbie to Denver like me!  I fully intend to explore and get to know Denver through its art and food--all the foods!

If you see her in the gallery, be sure to make her feel welcome!

September 10, 2019 by Jamie Hollier

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