Marigold Shadows Pop-Up


Join us on Thursday, Sept. 27th from 6 - 8 for snacks, drinks, and great company as we kick-off the pop-up at Balefire Goods (7417 Grandview, Arvada, CO).


Marigold Shadows, a clothing designer based in the LA area, is bringing their funky weird garments to the Denver area. If you love unique clothes that are wearable yet make a bold statement, this is the collection for you. The pop-up runs from Sept 27 - Oct. 14th. 

As the OC Weekly stated, "Inspired by Japanese and Korean street styles, as well as Día de los Muertos (the store’s name references the marigolds displayed at altars during the holiday), Marigold Shadows caters to people looking for statement apparel and would probably fit in equally with the New York Fashion Week set, Goths and other artsy types. Plus, the brand’s use of faux leather makes it a hit with vegans."

Every piece is made with love and some are even made to order. They craft small runs of each design, some of the designs only have 10 pieces made. Based on this, we will only have one of each style from their collection (many only come in one size) so come early for the best selection.


Tara Robinson

Tara Robinson said:



Victoria said:

Where is it happening!?!?!


Shanon said:

Where do we go to buy ??


Denise said:

I can’t wait to check out this pop up, where will it be? And do we need tickets to the opening party?

Pamela A. Miller

Pamela A. Miller said:

Love my jean coat from you.

Shayla Steffens

Shayla Steffens said:

Hello , I saw your add and was wondering if you would like or need any models to models the clothing lines for the opening days . Let me know , please and thank you in advance !


Laura said:

Come where for an early selection. I didn’t see an address or times due these Pop-ups. Please let me know where and when.
Thank you

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