Grocery Store - #2


"How can we show our appreciation for others? Who should we show appreciation to? We are living in the most bizarre of times right now, our civilization feels as if it is collapsing, perhaps it is. What makes us a civilization, a society? Society at its best should serve for the betterment of life, at its worst, it enslaves us in one form or the other. How can we build a society that expresses values of kindness, love, and compassion? I believe the answer is simple, we begin with ourselves, by changing how we as individuals live day by day. We’ve seen this in action with our health care workers and grocery store workers. I feel deep gratitude for our grocery store workers when I visit our neighborhood store. I wanted to make work about workers, ordinary people like you and I who are living through this time, but because of social distancing, I was limited. Instead, I used found photos from the 1950’s and 60’s and one photo from the 90’s all grocery store working people. It is my sincere hope that the images I’m creating bring you even the tiniest bit of joy during these terrifying times. These images are tributes to the workers at my local King Soopers and the UFCW Local 7."

100% of proceeds goes to Project Angel Heart

Each print is 8x10. These are made to print, so if you would like a larger print or canvas contact us below!

Peter Yumi is a mutimedia artist based out of Denver, Colorado.