Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most personal forms of art you can own. Important pieces of jewelry like engagement rings, wedding bands, heirlooms, and pieces to commemorate loved ones or special occasions become a part of our lives. We wear many of these pieces every day. We wear them on our skin, we fidget with them throughout the day, and we wear them often enough that they become a symbol of who we are and what we hold dear.

For jewelry like this, it should truly reflect you and be a joy to wear.

That is why we love to work with clients to craft the perfect piece of custom jewelry, whether something brand new or a reimagining of heirloom pieces. Working with us means you will take part in the creative process in every step along the way and in the end you will have bespoke jewelry that you will love for years to come.

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Custom Journey Overview

From the first meeting to years after we complete your piece of wearable art, we want to work alongside you to craft and care for your custom jewelry. We are in the jewelry business because we love working with metal and stones, from cutting edge technologies to time-honored hand fabrication techniques, we are nerds for metalsmithing and cant wait to share our passions with you.

Regardless of whether you want to make something brand new, want to reimagine an heirloom, or just want to refresh an existing piece, our team has the experience and dedication to create the perfect thing.

Step 1: Consult

Design Consultation

Join us for a free consultation to discuss your project. We can meet with you in person in our gallery (we prefer appointments but can often accommodate walk-ins as well), over a video call, or even over email. For this beginning phase of the project, we will sit with you to go over your ideas, examples of what you do (and don't) like, discuss and questions you have, etc. Whether you have a firm idea of what you are looking for or absolutely no idea, we can work with you to figure out the right next steps. We pride ourselves on approaching custom work as a collaborative creation process and we love to talk about pros/cons on approaches and materials, to educate on techniques and options, and to get creative with how we approach each project to create a unique and inspiring solution for each of our clients.

Step 2: Sketches


After we discuss your project in our consultation meeting, we get to work on the design approaches, materials sourcing (if needed), and the cost estimates. Each project is a little different in this phase. One of the benefits of having a diversity of metalsmithing skills and approaches within our gallery staff and with our partner artisans is that we can leverage an assortment of materials and jewelry creation approaches to create something truly unique. We might create your designs with 3d modeling software, or we might create a hand sketch, or we might make a model in another material first. However we approach your project, our goal is to ensure you are as excited about the direction as we are. At this stage we often ask for a deposit (usually 50%, depending on the project).

Step 3: Creation


When we are ready to go with the designs, we get to work making your piece or wearable art. Some of our projects start off as a 3D design created on a computer and then made into a wax that is then cast in the metal, followed by stone setting, finishing, etc. Other times we start out by melting metal into what is called an ingot and then we forge, mill, and shape the metal into wire, sheet, etc. in order to handcraft all the elements directly in the metal. One of the reasons we are all so passionate about metalsmithing and jewelry is because there are literally hundreds of techniques, tools, and approaches to working metal and stone and that diversity creates so many opportunities for creativity and we love leveraging all of these skills to create unique pieces for our customers.

Step 4: Delivery 


Once your piece of jewelry is done we reach out to you to set up final payment and delivery. You love when our customers come into the gallery to pick up their jewelry but we work with people all over, so we can also mail the finished pieces to you. We provide appraisals, info on insuring your jewelry, and care and maintenance info with all of our pieces. We recommend you have your jewelry cleaned and inspected now and again and we will go over all of that with you as well. Our metalsmiths have decades of experience and we stand by our work.

Sourcing Gemstones

Gemstones and Diamonds impact the communities that mine, cut, and distribute those stones in social, economic, and environmental ways: both negative and positive. We strive to work with materials that positively impact the environment and the communities impacted by their trade.

Many of the stones you will see in our collection are sourced through ethical partners such as Columbia Gem House and Kosnar Gem, which carry fair trade gems with mine-to-market traceability.

Additionally, many of the stones we carry are reclaimed or recycled: stones that entered the supply chain once and have been repurposed from other jewelry or old stock. They require no new mining and do not create further human or environmental impact.

Lastly, we suggest that our customers consider lab-grown gemstones, when appropriate, which have the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as their natural counterparts but are created in labs.

Some of our current stock of loose gemstones

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Customer Reviews

My partner and I worked with Jamie to design both our engagement and our wedding bands. She, and the other artists at Balefire Goods, were so wonderful to work with. Jamie was able to take my design ideas (which were rudimentary at best!) and turn it into the most beautiful piece of jewelry I've ever seen. The team was friendly, approachable, and communicative throughout the process. It means so much to have these pieces created especially for us, and by such a professional, welcoming business. Highly recommend!

- Kate 

I had a wedding ring I needed repurposed. We spoke at length about how to change a ring into a bracelet, and the designs she created knocked me off my feet with her translation of my style into this new object. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Balefire Good’s design and fabrication teams on 7 projects now - they are completely collaborative and help me build on my ideas to make them even better. Through this relationship over time, at this point I can pretty much say “this is what I am thinking” and the result is always stunning. I trust them 100% with design, stone and metal craft expertise - and I can’t say enough about the sublime level of craftsmanship that this gallery has access to on-staff. Highly, highly recommend Balefire for one of a kind gifts, creating new from treasured old, and bringing into the world something of your own design.

- Kim 

We absolutely LOVED working with Jamie. From our very first visit we felt like we were old friends. She asked us about our lifestyle and our hobbies -- what makes us tick. She listened to our ideas about what we were looking for and then elevated them with her own creative expertise. It only took a couple of weeks to get our finished ring and we are beyond excited with what she created. We've been telling anyone who'll listen, no matter what kind of custom jewelry you're looking for, go see Jamie at Balefire. You will NOT be disappointed.

- Matthew and Susanna 

Get Started

We are excited to discuss your project with you! We can meet with you in person in our gallery or online via a video call. Also, we can often work asynchronously via email if that works best for you. Contact us today to book your design consultation.