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“Rings you will love for a lifetime.”

Kindle is a collection of customizable commitment jewelry for the couple that appreciates modern simplicity in easy to wear designs. This collection can be customized in a diversity of ways to create your perfect ring. 

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Handcrafted in Denver, CO, these rings are well suited for the Colorado lifestyle, and anyone that is active and wants comfortable jewelry, with well-built designs that can stand up to a day (or a hundred days) in the mountains. 


"Fashions Fade. Style is Eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent

Two Kindle RingsCommitment jewelry should be something you love til death do you part, so we have created a collection based on classic and timeless elements that will never go out of style. These pieces focus on elegant lines and refinement of the design rather than the current trends or styles that are popular for the moment.


Sapphire RingThe design elements in these pieces were chosen not only for their aesthetic beauty but also for their comfort and wearability.
  • The stone settings we utilize are more reliable and require less maintenance than other common settings.
  • The shapes of the bands are comfortable and tend to keep your ring from turning.
  • The more robust use of metal means that these rings can take a lifetime of wear and tear, which is especially great for the active and outdoor-focused lifestyle so many of us in Colorado adore.


Ethically Made

We are committed to crafting jewelry using ethically sourced materials in our creations. Many people are unaware of the negative impacts that precious metals and stones can have on the people and places where they are sourced but we are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible with our products. 
Learn more about the social and environmental impact of our work.


*Please Note* We have a deep commitment to diversity of all types and this lookbook is just our first step towards a more inclusive representation of our community. We welcome submissions from couples that would be interested in being featured in future lookbooks.

Other Options

In addition to our own line of jewelry, we also carry other artists that make custom jewelry so stop by the shop or contact us to see examples of other commitment jewelry options. 

Rocky Mountain Bride Gem Collective 

We are honored to be a member of Rocky Mountain Brides' collection of preferred vendors, the gem collection.

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