Long F******ck Tumbler/Vase - White


We've all been there. You think some project (ok, or maybe life) is going along great and then you notice a flaw and watch success slowly slip from your grasp. One long syllable escapes your lips: fuuuuuuuck.

This is a sensual and intimate cup at around 5" tall and 3" wide or so. Clear glaze on the interior and the outside is unglazed, just polished to a nice fine-ness.

This text may look like a good ole #2 pencil, but it is a ceramic material that is fired to 2300 degrees and will not wash off - go ahead and try it! OK for dishwasher and microwave, but probably better to handwash this one. All items are handmade and may vary slightly from the image.

Each piece of porcelain pottery is made and decorated by hand in Brooklyn, New York.