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Plumeria Earrings


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Plumeria is a tradition of artisanal feather-work that evolved from our earliest evidence of the techniques in Meso-America to its height in the 17th century under Spanish Colonial rule. From ceremonial clothing to collage styled artwork, the use of feathers for decorative and symbolic purpose is literally woven into the cultural history of the American Southwest. 

Over more than a century the exchange of technique and artistic subject matter between the Spaniards and the indigenous people led to the use of feathers as material and accents in all arts and crafts. The universal association of feathers with the freedom of flight and spirituality made its use in Catholic iconography an easy match and let to the spread of artisanal plumeria around the world to royal courts as far away as Prague, China, and Mozambique. The tradition all but disappeared by the twentieth century. A few modern artists in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico have created work inspired by these traditions. 

The simplicity of the feather's shape and its physical lightness will always elicit a sense of mystery and movement. This line is inspired by the evolution of the symbol and the object through regional culture.  

Measures 1 1/2" wide by 4" long, black niobium findings.

Made of leather or vegan leather (depends on the color) in Albuquerque, NM