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Pelican Clip Bracelet/Necklace in Brass


Brand Cat Bates

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Inspired by the traditional marine hardware of the same name. To open the clasp, push the cord up over the end of the hinged arm. There is no need to push extra cord through the opening to do so. To close, simply push the cord back in place. When closed, any force that goes into the mechanism helps to close it even more securely. This clasp is handmade of brass. 

The cord is hand braided in house using a kumihimo loom. The yarn from which the cords are braided is polyester, dyed, spun, and waxed in Maine. All color options will stretch slightly over time.

This piece can be worn as a bracelet, a choker necklace, or a longer necklace. 

Medium is 7 inches long as a bracelet, 14 inches as a choker, and 29 inches as a necklace.
Large is 8 inches long as a bracelet, 16 inches as a choker, and 32 inches as a necklace. 

Handmade in Maine, USA