Time Travel Open Spinner Ring


Brand Alex Boyd

Many of Alex's pieces come with stories, special powers, or captions. This one's power is pretty helpful: "Behold! My first time machine. Its function is simple.  Say you’re bragging to one of your last childless friends about how you’re so glad you don’t have kids.  You have so much more time, freedom and ease in your life than those schmucks who decided to reproduce. Then she tells you she’s pregnant. Simply spin the ring counter-clockwise.  You’ll be sent into the past where you can change the conversation to how you think beets get a bad rap.  DO NOT spin the ring clockwise, unless you’re into desert hell-scapes and ravenous cannibals."  

Sterling silver is crafted into a ring that spins on steel ball bearings, causing the 22k gold set tourmalines to spread out on their gold-accented hinges. A unique and fun piece of wearable art.

Size 7.
Handmade in Denver, CO, USA.