Jewelry is one of the most personal forms of art you can own. Important pieces of jewelry like engagement rings, wedding bands, heirlooms, and pieces to commemorate special occasions become a part of our lives. We wear many of these pieces every day. We wear them on our skin, we fidget with them throughout the day, and we wear them often enough that they become a symbol of who we are and what we hold dear.

For jewelry like this, it should truly reflect you and be a joy to wear.

That is why we love to work with clients to craft the perfect piece of custom jewelry, wether something brand new or a reimagining of heirloom pieces. Working with designer and store owner, Jamie Hollier, means you will take part in the creative process in every step along the way and in the end you will have bespoke jewelry that you will love for years to come. 


How It Works

Step 1. Education

Jewelry EducationAlmost every piece we make involves some level of learning for our customers so that they can make informed decisions and play an active role in the creation process. Whether you are familiar with the world of jewelry or you are brand new to it, we will ensure you have the information to feel comfortable and confident during the whole process.

Step 2. Brainstorming and Sketches

Jewelry DesignYou bring the vision and the inspiration and we will bring the expertise to co-create the right piece with your budget and timeline in mind. After meeting to discuss your goals, we will provide sketches for potential design directions and work with you to fine-tune those initial designs.

Step 3. Gathering Ingredients

GemstonesIf you are looking to craft a piece that includes a stone or stones, this is the stage where we start our research to bring a selection of options to the shop for you to choose from. Whether you want a diamond, a colored stone, or something more unique, we pride ourselves in working with a diverse group of sources that deal in ethically sourced stones so you can feel good about your options.

Step 4. Creating the Jewelry

CAD DrawingOnce we have a clear direction, we will begin rendering a 3D model in CAD for you to review and make any last minute adjustments. Or, we may potentially start on the piece, depending on what we are crafting and the techniques that we will be using to make your piece of jewelry. Either way, we will be creating each piece with ethically sourced metals. This is also the stage where we will take a 50% deposit.

Step 5. Finishing & Delivery

When the metalsmithing is done, the stones are set, and the finishing is done, we will reach out to let you know that your jewelry is ready. This is definitely the best part and we love sharing this experience with our customers.

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