A Curated Collection

Balefire Goods is an artisan jewelry gallery that brings together some of the best in contemporary, handmade jewelry from artists, metalsmiths, and jewelers from around the globe in addition to creating custom work in house and showcasing local art. 

Our experienced owner, Jamie Hollier, studied both Art History and Metalsmithing as part of her Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is focused on building a collection that highlights creative and well-made jewelry for an assortment of tastes and budgets. Working with a diversity of techniques and materials, our artists make jewelry that is both memorable and accessible.

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This Month's Nonprofit and Featured Artist

ArtHyve's mission is to transcend and challenge mainstream art representation and to celebrate, preserve and document the creative communities and practices throughout Colorado in our living archive.  

ArtHyve manifests this mission through the creation of a community built, living archive, and through public programming, workshops, archival exhibitions, and interdisciplinary talks, all of which inspire critical inquiry, scholarship and creative engagement. ArtHyve believes that building a collective history by sharing stories, experiences, and artifacts gives us a more connected perspective. ArtHyve's archive is built by us, for us, to represent us. At ArtHyve, we do it ourselves!

For the month of April, Balefire Goods welcomes local altered book artist Valerie Savarie for an exhibit of her new body of work, Tell Me A Story. 

Valerie Savarie uses antique books as a starting off point to build multidimensional collages which create narratives that tie back to the books themselves. Valerie utilizes thoughtfully planned out cutting, sewing, painting to expose and hide specific aspects of the book to build a new narrative. Her manipulations are all done by hand while leaving the majority of the book and its bindings in place to create these altered books.

Opening reception will be on First Friday, April 5th from 6-8pm.