A Curated Collection

Balefire Goods is an artisan jewelry gallery that brings together some of the best in contemporary, handmade jewelry from artists, metalsmiths, and jewelers from around the globe in addition to creating custom work in house and showcasing local art. 

Our experienced owner, Jamie Hollier, studied both Art History and Metalsmithing as part of her Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is focused on building a collection that highlights creative and well-made jewelry for an assortment of tastes and budgets. Working with a diversity of techniques and materials, our artists make jewelry that is both memorable and accessible. CHECK OUT OUR ARTISTS

One of America's Coolest Stores

Balefire Goods has been named one of America’s Coolest Jewelry Stores byINSTORE, the magazine for the American jewelry store owner.

The Arvada, CO, business took third place in the Small Cool division for stores in the 18th annual contest that highlights the best examples of independent jewelry retailers in North America.

Read more about our store and this honor in the article in INSTORE magazine.


Upcoming Classes

We love to not only provide access to amazing jewelry and art, but to also offer the opportunity to learn about the processes and materials of jewelry to our community. 

Each month we offer metalsmithing and gemstone classes in addition to offering one-on-one instruction and private classes. 

Learn more about our jewelry making and gemstone classes

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This Month's Nonprofit and Featured Artist

Life is Better Rescue is a 501(c)(3) recognized animal rescue that works across bread to find homes for all animals in need and they will receive a portion or sales in the month of January. For them, it’s not just about saving life – it’s about creating a quality life and making sure that the impact is felt across the board. It’s about spaying and neutering so that we can reduce the adoptable euthanasia population before it starts. It’s about working with municipal shelters to increase transfers so that disease is minimized. It’s about making sure that each rescue has profound meaning for the adopter as much as the adoptee.

For our first show in our new location, Balefire Goods is so excited to welcome Rose Rambo for a show of her gemstone paintings.

An intuitive look at how light interacts with precious and semi precious gemstones, this show will be a collection of illustrations by Amanda Rambo. In addition to her paintings, we will also have items that feature her artwork and this show will also feature a small collection of some of the unique gemstones captured in Rambo's paintings. Rambo's work includes a diversity of items and price-points and will be on display through Janurary.