A Curated Collection

Balefire Goods is an artisan jewelry gallery that brings together some of the best in contemporary, handmade jewelry from artists, metalsmiths, and jewelers from around the globe in addition to creating custom work in house and showcasing local art. 

Our experienced owner, Jamie Hollier, studied both Art History and Metalsmithing as part of her Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is focused on building a collection that highlights creative and well-made jewelry for an assortment of tastes and budgets. Working with a diversity of techniques and materials, our artists make jewelry that is both memorable and accessible.

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This Month's Nonprofit and Featured Artist

For the month of May, a portion of sales will go to support the important work of Resource Equity.

Resource Equity believes that empowered women change the world. Ensuring that women have secure rights to land and resources is key to that empowerment, and promotes lasting economic growth, more resilient communities, and healthier societies.

Harnessing expertise built over a combined 60 years of global practice and research, Resource Equity, along with local partners, is ushering in a new era in women’s land rights. Their work has helped reduce poverty and improve women’s social, legal, and economic status. These improvements in women’s rights and status improve not just women’s lives, but the lives of their families and communities.

For the month of May, Balefire Goods welcomes award-winning photographer and photojournalist James Long for a curated collection of his photographs titles "The Cusp of Spring". 

James Long is a Colorado photographer & photojournalist specializing in a wide range of portraiture. James also lends his talents to local news through his work as a photographer & editor with Fox 31 Denver. James' work has been honored through many nominations and awards including: a Heartland Emmy in 2018, an Edward R. Murrow Award in 2005, and an Emmy nomination in 2007.

This show will be the first public showing of his personal photography projects and highlights a more intimate look at the world through his lens. 

Opening reception will be on First Friday, May 3rd from 6-8pm.