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Make Your Own Rings

Create more than just a ring, create memories that will last a lifetime when you spend a day with us handcrafting your wedding rings.

For centuries, rings have been important symbols of connection, love, and commitment. Bolster the symbolism and meaning of your ring even further by making your own rings, and you will leave with lifelong memories in addition to unique rings. Our metalsmiths will work with you every step of the way, from your initial design phase to your completed rings, to craft a custom experience tailored to you. 

We will guide you through a relaxing and rewarding day in our metalsmithing studio in our jewelry gallery in Olde Town Arvada, just outside Denver, CO. This is a perfect way to create lasting memories and connect in a unique way. 

No metalsmithing or jewelry making experience is required, as we will customize the day to your skill level and be right there to help along the way. 

This is a great full day workshop for:

  • making your wedding rings
  • making rings with your siblings, kids, etc. 
  • making a one-of-a-kind committment ring

Prices start at $350 for one person and $600 for two people. The final price will depend on the complexity and materials for your project and optional add-on's, like stone setting. Metal options include platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver however, silver is not recommended for wedding bands or rings intended to be worn daily.

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