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Balefire Goods is an award winning jewelry gallery and custom jeweler focused on responsibly sourced and expertly crafted wearable art.

The Founder


Jamie Hollier first fell in love with metalwork and jewelry thanks to her exposure to metalwork in her grandfather's machine shop, jewelry in her great aunt's antique shop, and going to art shows with her mom.

She studied art history and metalsmithing for her undergraduate degree and made jewelry for a while after school. However, her career took her in a different direction and she ended up as an entrepreneur in technology. That work and her commitments to family soon left her with little time for jewelry.

One day Jamie realized she needed a change and was ready to return to her love for metalsmithing and jewelry. Jamie decided to create a place for artisan-made, responsibly-sourced, unique jewelry and Balefire was born in 2017 and has been growing ever since.

The Studio

Custom jewelry and repair are a major part of Balefire. All of our staff are jewelry artists and metalsmiths and combined we have over half a century of experience at the jeweler's bench.

Most of the work we create for our clients is made on site in our studio inside Balefire. We even have a jeweler's bench up front by the windows and you can often see jewelry pieces being made when you come by.

The Gallery

More than just a jewelry store, Balefire is a place for art. We focus a lot of our attention on artisan jewelry but we also carry functional and fine art from a diversity of artists and regularly host art events.

Many of the artists we carry in the gallery are local and Colorado artists but we also work with makers from around the United States and even carry some international artists.

The Story of Our Name

We are often asked where we got our company name.

It is not a reference to the Wheel of Time book series, nor is it a play on Baleigh's name (while she is an integral part of the company, she joined us a couple of years after we opened).

The truth is that we fell in love with the name as a symbol: A balefire is a large bonfire used as a signal fire or beacon. This idea of a large fire that could communicate across large distances seemed like a cool idea for a jewelry and art brand, like each of these pieces in our collection, many of them forged in fire, can be a beacon that fosters understanding across people. 

We hope that each of the pieces we sell becomes it's own balefire.

As seen in:

Responsibly Sourced

We believe that where our materials come from and the impacts they have matters. Learn more about the issues with sourcing and how we respond.

Jewelry Education

Learn about the materials and processes we use in jewelry creation and get some tips on caring for your jewelry to keep it looking its best.

One of the best jewelry stores I’ve ever been to! Unbeatable atmosphere, friendly staff, and world class art. Everyone who works here is extremely knowledgable, but they are also super down to earth. Accommodating to a variety of budgets, but geared more towards those who want to invest in a piece of jewelry they can wear for life and pass down as an heirloom. If you love jewelry, Balefire Goods is a must!!!

– Graham

I use this lovely gallery for a wide variety of my gift giving needs. Jamie has a beautiful selection of art and jewelry. Over the past year I have purchased many things and each and every one is unique and special knowing you have something that was made with love with the added benefit of supporting local artists. Jamie is a true gem and has a fantastic eye. Balefire is a must when in the Old Town Arvada area.

– Rosalind

Repurposed family jewels and had a great experience. I wanted to share that I had a wonderful experience working with Balefire Goods in Arvada to repurpose my Grandmother’s wedding ring. I had two custom rings made for my sister and I as well as awesome stud earrings. If you have family jewels laying around this is a great way to get lite use and love out of them.

– Amy

For all of your local artisan jewelry needs, for a gift for a friend, or a custom jewelry art piece, Balefire Goods is the place to find it. This store offers true artistry that you can wear and enjoy on a daily basis. Located in Arvada, CO, Jamie has a passion for offering up creativity and beauty in her eye for artistic talent and support of artists around the world.

– Christie


We believe in the value in crafting by hang with time honored techniques.


Both in who we work with as clients and who we carry as artists.

Woman Owned

Locally owned by founder Jamie Hollier and operated by an amazing team of women metalsmiths.

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