Size Guide

Limited handmade prints in a sturdy black frame. Handmade in Denver, Colorado.

Traditionally, these prints would be called  "wood engravings". A wood engraving is done on the end grain (end with the rings, about 10x harder than the plank or long grain cut of a tree.) But alas, these prints are not carved into wood, but a plastic material that is much more economical and better for the environment than chopping down hardwood trees.  

Each mark is made with an engraving burin, a small metal tool that can also carve copper, zinc or silver. The surface of the carved plate is rolled with ink, so that the upper surface is in relief to the lower.  Every mark that is white is carved out, every mark that is black is what is left on the surface to be inked. 

The inked plate is hand cranked through one of my printing presses.  The act of pulling the paper off of the plate makes each print a "hand-pulled print". I never duplicate any of my hand pulled prints with digital prints, keeping their integrity as original editions.