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Lauren & Ben

A love story grown in Colorado.

How did you and your significant other meet?

We met on a dating app in 2018! We had both moved to Colorado about 6 months before that.

As a couple, what are your interests/hobbies?

We love all the outdoor sports - biking, skiing/snowboarding, and hiking. We also love checking out new craft breweries and spending time with our two rescue dogs.

When did you know your partner was “the one” and you wanted to get married?

It was early on for me (Lauren). We took a trip together for a college football bowl game after only about 6 weeks of dating. We got along great during the trip and had such a good time together.

What is one of your favorite things about your partner?

He is literally the most thoughtful person I know (from Lauren)

What was your proposal like (was the ring a surprise or was it collaborative)?

It was a surprise! He proposed on peak 8 in Breckenridge while we were skiing.

Tell us about your wedding (if it has happened yet).

We got married in May 2022 at the Denver Botanic Gardens. We were very lucky because 90% of our guests were from out of state and we had tons of our friends and family show up to support us. We moved the party to Great Divide Brewing Co for the reception where we played into the craft brewery theme. We both had little surprises for each other at the wedding but Ben’s was the best - one of his groomsmen did a guitar solo during our first dance!

Why did you decide to work with Balefire?

I was out shopping in Olde Town the summer before we got engaged and happened to pop into Balefire. Everyone was so kind and accommodating. I told Ben about it the next day (he was a little caught off guard I went rogue and looked at rings - LOL) but he contacted Balefire about a month later and started working with them directly. We love supporting smaller, local businesses and we actually became Arvada residents during our engagement, which made working with Balefire even more special.

What advice would you give to other couples shopping for wedding or engagement rings?

Trust your gut from the beginning! If you aren’t vibing with your jeweler or you are getting red flags, it’s probably not meant to be. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up if something isn’t how you want it to be. These are rings you’ll have for the rest of your lives!

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