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Stéphanie Barbié Atelier

Stéphanie Barbié creates sustainable colorful hanging mobiles in her home studio in Barcelona, Spain. Trained jeweler, but a lover of interior decoration, she wanted to combine these two passions by creating jewelry that would go beyond the limits of the body and decorate your walls or hang from your ceilings.

Stéphanie believes in making things that bring joy to your life and have a low impact on the environment so her mobiles are handcrafted with a very special material that she made by recycling pages of old books she found in the streets of Barcelona. As a jeweler Stéphanie values the quality of materials and design, and this is what leads her to create minimalist, timeless and durable objects.

Stéphanie creates her work and lives in Barcelona, Spain.

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Kinetic Mobile - Suncatcher

Kinetic Mobile - Suncatcher


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