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Balefire Goods is an award-winning gallery featuring unique, handmade jewelry, art, and gifts based in historic Olde Town Arvada.

The gallery highlights jewelry, art, and gifts handcrafted by over 50 independent artists, from local through international.

With an emphasis on metalsmithing, the gallery is also home to a jewelry studio where the owners and staff create unique custom jewelry, provide jewelry repair, and even offer metalsmithing classes and workshops.

Ethically Sourced

We believe that the impacts of our purchases and production process matter. Our artists leverage ethical & sustainable materials and processes.


We believe that diversity and inclusion makes us stronger. Our artists and customers represent a diverse mix of gender expression, races, and ages.


We believe in the power of creative expression and exploration and the value of handcrafted over mass-produced goods.

Giving Back

We believe we have to support the needs of our community to truly be a part of it. Each month we give 5% of our sales to a local non-profit.

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Meet the Team

Jamie Hollier

Founder & Co-Owner

Learn More About Jamie H 

Jamie Hollier first fell in love with metalwork while helping and learning from her grandfather, a machinist, in his shop.

Then her love of artisan jewelry appeared while spending childhood days looking at (and sometimes touching even though that was against the rules) all of the amazing jewelry in her Great Aunt Tettie's antique store.

Those interests were further reinforced by visits to artisan craft fairs all over the Houston area with her mom as she grew up. During college, Jamie moved to Colorado, discovered metalsmithing, and worked in an artisan jewelry store.

After studying Art History and metalsmithing as part of her BFA, Jamie made jewelry for friends and sold her work at local art fairs.

With time, however, the responsibilities of her work and life started to squeeze her time in the studio.

One day Jamie realized that while she was a successful business owner with two companies in technology, she wasn't fulfilled. She worked with amazing people, had wonderful clients, but missed having art and a physical product in her life.

Not long after this realization, Jamie decided to look at a few locations and entertain the idea of opening a store and getting back into the studio.

She found the right fit in Olde Town Arvada in October of 2017 and Balefire Goods opened its doors 45 days later and we can't wait to see where this will go for many days to come.

Jamie Mclandsborough

Studio Manager & Co-Owner

Learn More About Jamie M 

Jamie Mclandsborough is co-owner of Balefire Goods and has a background in jewelry repair, custom jewelry design, and fabrication.

In addition to creating and maintaining cherished jewelry pieces for decades, he is also a skilled instructor and teaches jewelry and metalsmithing classes, fostering a love for jewelry as an art form for a diversity of learners.

Jamie grew up in the mountains of Colorado and first discovered his interest in jewelry creation in 1994. Since then, Jamie has studied with a diversity of mentors with expertise in traditional jewelry techniques, new technologies, and even sculpture.

The breadth and depth of his experience means that he is able to create designs that are both aesthetically appealing and structurally sound.

After moving to the front range in 2003, Jamie worked as a repair jewelry and has designed and handcrafted jewelry for a diverse group of jewelry designers and jewelry stores.

Many of the designs that Jamie creates start with being a good listener and wanting to understand his customers aesthetic, inspiration, and lifestyle to create something perfectly suited to their wants and needs.

Jamie decided it was time to take his expertise to the next level and joined Balefire Goods as a Co-Owner in 2019.

He is looking forward to being not just a jeweler but also an entrepreneur that helps shape the metalsmithing community and jewelry industry in Colorado.

Baleigh Acebo


Learn More About Baleigh

Baleigh Acebo learned to appreciate jewelry and beautiful objects because of her artist-grandmother while growing up in beautiful Vermont.

As she matured, deconstructing objects and putting them together again piqued her interest in the creative process. Jewelry making remained a constant passion and hobby throughout college where she earned a BFA in Creative Writing and Literature.

Doubts of pursuing a career in writing led her to take metalsmithing courses at local community colleges and there she discovered the joy and possibility of working with her hands.

She enrolled in Jewelry Making and Repair at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA and graduated from their rigorous two year program in 2014. Baleigh furthered her design, repair and fabrication skills while working for other goldsmiths.

She also launched her own jewelry line, Acebo Jewelry, in 2016 focusing on modern and minimalist designs, custom jewelry and showed at many fine art shows across the country.

Baleigh joined the Balefire Goods team in 2019.

When visiting the gallery you will often find Baleigh sitting at the front bench working on repairs or custom jewelry, or teaching metalsmithing in our classroom. 

Rachel Stewart


Learn More About Rachel

Rachel Stewart is a metalsmith and jewelry artist. With a diverse background in creative sectors spanning music, fabrication, theater, and metalsmithing, Rachel brings a meticulous eye and modern aesthetic to her work.

Rachel's creative process has been honed and refined in diverse environments over many years. Never one to hide from challenge, she apprenticed with some of the most cutting edge artists in the area in her formative years, and continues to seek out opportunities to grow wherever she can.

This spirit of continuous learning and exploration brought her into the artist community showcased at Balefire Goods, where she was quickly able to show her value as jeweler and metalsmith.

Rachel has been a core part of the Balefire team since 2019, and now supports the growing custom jewelry line. She brings a spirit of patient, sophisticated, and sometimes irreverent artistry to the team.

In addition to working the bench, Rachel has become a shepherd for connecting customers to artists. She enjoys the feeling of spontaneous, novel discovery many of Balefire's customers encounter when working with her.

When Rachel is not working at Balefire, she continues to ravenously learn new techniques from emerging talent throughout the region.



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