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Caring For Your Wedding Rings

Wedding bands are possibly the most cherished pieces of personal jewelry throughout history. For centuries they have represented the love and bond of a couple, and are sometimes passed down for generations. To ensure your rings remain in good condition for years to come, here are a few guidelines to consider.

When to Wear it, and When to Remove it

Taking your ring off numerous times during the day can increase the chances of misplacing it, but keeping it on during high-impact activities could result in the ring being damaged. There are several times when you should take your ring off: cleaning, doing household chores and projects, gardening, exercising, swimming, and in hot tubs. For a more detailed explanation of when to remove your ring, please see the section “Protecting Your Jewelry- when to take it off.”


When you do take off your ring, always store it in the same secure place. If you find you need to take it off in several places around the house, place a ring dish in each of those places so you always know where to look for it. Make sure none of those places are above an open drain, especially the garbage disposal. Avoid taking it off in random places. Getting a little hand soap on your ring in a public bathroom is still better than your ring being left behind.

Visit Your Jeweler

Have your stone checked at least once a year. Stones can become loose during daily wear and tear, and ensuring the stone is secure is a worthwhile errand to make a priority. This is also a great time to get it professionally cleaned.

Clean Gently

When you need to clean a ring between professional visits, soak it in warm (not hot) water with a mild detergent, and then gently brush it with an extra soft toothbrush to remove any dirt that is stuck in tiny crevices. Be very gentle so you don’t scratch the metal or your stone, and be especially aware of delicate prongs and any points or corners your stone may have.

Insure It

Insurance will help cover the cost if your ring is lost, stolen, or damaged. Any of those things happening to such a precious item can feel pretty devastating, so knowing it’s covered is worth the peace of mind.

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