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Protecting Your Jewelry

When To Take It Off

Taking care of your jewelry is important for many reasons. In addition to the monetary worth the piece may have, jewelry often holds a great deal of sentimental and emotional value. To ensure the safety of your jewelry for generations, please consider removing it during the following situations.

Cleaning and Household Chores

Metal and gemstones are very susceptible to damage when exposed to harsh chemicals. Chlorine bleach, ammonia, and even vinegar can cause extreme discoloration to gemstones and can dull the finish of the metal. They will also degrade the structural integrity of the metal, causing it to become brittle and develop corrosion fractures.

Swimming, Hot Tubs, Hot Springs

Both chlorine and saltwater are highly corrosive liquids and can cause significant damage to your jewelry. The chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs will have the same effect on your jewelry as cleaning solutions, causing gemstone discoloration and degradation of the structural strength of the metal. The ocean has a salt content strong enough to corrode precious metals but is especially damaging to the solder joints that connect the jewelry components together. Another consideration is how difficult it is to find jewelry if it falls off in the water. It can be very difficult in a pool, and impossible in the ocean.


Whether working out at a gym or participating in a sport, it is always best to remove your jewelry before the activity. Jewelry can get caught in exercise machines (or on the many bolts that hold them together) and cause injury to both yourself and the jewelry. While loose jewelry like necklaces and watches are especially risky for getting caught in machinery, rings should also be removed. Exercise machines and hand weights can dent and ding fine metals. Additionally, most people experience some swelling in their hands while exercising, and a ring could cause circulation issues.

Gardening and Home Projects

Gardening, painting, woodworking, and many other creative activities can be damaging to your jewelry, particularly your rings. Not only will these high-impact activities scratch the metal and/or gemstones, but they are also hard on delicate prongs and may cause a stone to become loose or even fall out. It’s best to be safe and remove your jewelry before engaging in any activity that could be rough on it.

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