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Mallory & Cody

A Family Ring Reinvented for a Modern Bride.

How did you and your significant other meet?

We met on tinder! But to be more specific I was going to school at CSU in Fort Collins and cody, who is in the military and was living in NM at the time, went home to Fort Collins for the holidays and we were inseparable for the two weeks he was home!

As a couple, what are your interests/hobbies?

Together we love to travel, hike, ski, camp, binge watch our favorite shows, and hang out with our three pups!

When did you know your partner was “the one” and you wanted to get married?

I knew pretty quick but specifically we were on a trip in San Diego. I had just gotten a pretty serious surgery and wasn’t feeling super well for our “beach vacation”. He never wavered from making sure I was okay and even if I just wanted to lay in the Airbnb for a couple hours or something he was just very patient and kind and I just knew I meant a lot to him. He told me he loved me for the first time on that trip too!

What is one of your favorite things about your partner?

I love how adventurous and fearless Cody is! I am scared of everything but this man isn’t afraid of anything! He pushes me beyond my comfort zone and challenges me all the time and I am so grateful for that

What was your proposal like (was the ring a surprise or was it collaborative)?

Cody had gone and asked my parents for their blessing and my mom offered him my grandmother’s ring. I had wanted my grandma’s ring since she passed when I was a teenager. The original diamond belonged to my great grandmother and my grandpa proposed to/married my grandma with that ring in the 50s. My grandma had it redesigned in the 80s to make it feel more like “her” and added the 5 smaller diamonds. My mom told Cody he could redesign it again as well. HOWEVER my dad told Cody he had to propose soon because he can’t keep a secret and he’ll end up blowing it 😂. Also Cody felt like it would be better for me to make the design decisions. So Cody proposed to me with my grandma’s ring the next weekend while we were visiting my best friend in Palisade! It was beautiful and perfect and I was so so so shocked. I love that he kept my grandma’s ring how it was for the proposal because it meant a lot to see and feel her in that moment. Since she decided to redesign the ring to feel more like her, I knew she’d fully support me in redesigning it as well. I wanted something unique, dainty, and asymmetrical and I could not be happier with how it turned out.

Tell us about your wedding (if it has happened yet).

Our wedding is this November in Idaho Springs!

Why did you decide to work with Balefire?

My mom is a retired art teacher and has jeweler friends who recommended Balefire! We were very serious about finding a place that would take quality care of the diamonds but were also unique and artistic as well as someone who ethically sourced materials.

What advice would you give to other couples shopping for wedding or engagement rings?

One piece of advice I got at the beginning of my wedding planning journey was to either please you and your partner or please everyone else because you can’t do both. With this ring I fully did it for myself and I am so happy I did. I spent a lot of time debating on whether or not to redesign my grandma’s ring because of what other family members might think or if it would upset them. But in the end this ring is so ME and my family knows that and loves it!


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