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Marci & Mikayla

Ornate rings for an active couple.

How did you and your significant other meet?

We met in North Carolina while working on TV and movie sets. Marci was a costume assistant and Mikayla was a camera assistant. We knew each other a little bit and ran in similar social circles, but never really talked much until we both decided to leave the film industry and move out of North Carolina. While Mikayla was saying her goodbyes on set, she and Marci ended up talking for a long time and realized how much they had in common. After that, they continued talking long distance as Mikayla prepared to embark on a journey to join the Peace Corps in Ghana, and Marci moved and began a new life in Denver. After a lot of convincing, Marci was able to get Mikayla to come to Denver to visit in the fall of 2014 before Mikayla left for Ghana. Ever since that first visit, we spoke almost every day until Mikayla left for Ghana, when the method of communication became letter's written and mailed months at a time to the other. When Mikayla's service ended in 2016 she moved to Denver and the rest is history.

As a couple, what are your interests/hobbies?

We love to be outside and stay active! Camping, snowboarding, and hiking are some of our favorite hobbies. We also love going to concerts at Red Rocks and other music venues.

When did you know your partner was “the one” and you wanted to get married?

We dated for just a few months before Mikayla left for the Peace Corps in Ghana for two years. Mikayla knew she wanted to marry Marci when we were apart for so long and staying together was still fun and effortless.

It's hard to say when I knew that Mikayla was the 'one' exactly, because the moment that always comes to mind was during the long conversation we both had before Mikayla left the film industry. There was a moment where we both we talking about things within the film industry that just didn't sit right in our conscience's, and distracted us from the places we wanted to hold in the world. Neither one of us had really ever spoken so earnestly with the other to that point, but as our stories and dreams seemed to align, I knew that the attraction (friendship or otherwise) that I'd felt toward Mikayla was deeper than I thought. In that conversation I realized that we should have been more, and honestly thought that I had wasted the opportunity to have a deeper and genuine connection with someone. I'd like to say that I knew that I loved her then, but it was still so early, and honestly I just knew that we should have been more than we were then. Anyways, any time I'm asked this question or think about when I knew she was the one, that moment always comes to mind, even though at the time, it was beyond my wildest dreams that I'd get to one day call her my wife.

What is one of your favorite things about your partner?

Mikayla's favorite thing about Marci is her passion for life and love of people.

Marci's favorite thing about Mikayla is her dedication to making the world a more equitable place, sense of humor, and desire to learn.

What was your proposal like (was the ring a surprise or was it collaborative)?

Marci asked Mikayla to go on a walk with our dog, Piper, at one of our favorite parks nearby. We rounded a corner and on a platform that overlooked the water and mountains, Marci had asked her dad to set up giant planters of rosemary and lavender (which were scents that surrounded us on our first date in a PNW park). With her dad hiding in the bushes across the water to take photos, Marci got on one knee and asked Mikayla to marry her.

Tell us about your wedding (if it has happened yet).

Marci proposed about two weeks before everything shut down because of the pandemic so all planning came to an abrupt halt as we watched everything unfold in 2020. Now that things are beginning to open up a bit, we are starting to plan and are looking at a fall wedding in the mountains in 2022.

Why did you decide to work with Balefire?

We try to spend our money at businesses that share our values. We love that Balefire is a woman-owned business that is also local and eco-conscious. We also wanted to work with a jeweler that makes non-traditional engagement rings to capture the uniqueness of our story.

What advice would you give to other couples shopping for wedding or engagement rings?

Shop at a business that shares you and your partner's values. Think outside the box and make sure that your rings reflect something personal about you both.

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