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Kate & Dan

An energetic Colorado couple.

How did you and your significant other meet?


As a couple, what are your interests/hobbies?

We enjoy good food, biking, walking our puppies, and helping each other with our different hobbies. Right now, we're trying to learn instruments together (Dan is on banjo, Kate is on fiddle)

When did you know your partner was “the one” and you wanted to get married?

Kate: Oh this is a fun question. I don't know if there was one moment that stands out in my (Kate's) mind; it's more that the longer we were together, the stronger we grew and the more important our relationship felt. I know that he is a wonderful, thoughtful partner. We laugh together and we are learning how to work through hard times together, too. I can't imagine my life without him.

From Dan: It was more of a realization that something was telling me she was the one from a very early stage including getting outside of my comfort zone and doing things with her I normally wouldn't do- such as seeing musicals (which I now love attending with her). I knew I was incredibly happy with her from the moment I met her, but I didn't truly realize it until friends and family were telling me they've never seen me this happy. In my 3ish decades on this planet, I never felt this way with another

What is one of your favorite things about your partner?

From Kate: Here's something that just happened. We were watching the news and saw a video of President and Dr. Biden walking to a helicopter. Pres. Biden picked a flower for Dr. Biden, and I said "Dan can I be your Jilly?" And Dan goes, "but I want to be YOUR Jilly." I bring up this story because in Dan, I have a partner who champions my value and my work. He is constantly supporting and elevating the things that I do. There is no jealousy; there is no weirdness about my (often lofty!) ambitions. There is simply unwavering love and support.

From Dan: While Kate supports virtually everything I do down to all my random hobbies, she also regularly challenges me. Sure, she helps me get better at my job and the things I already do, but she also helps me learn new things and open my mind to adventures and perspectives I never considered.

What was your proposal like (was the ring a surprise or was it collaborative)?

It was a full-on collaboration. We were at a friends wedding and were both like "do you want to do this?" Luckily we both had the same answer...

Tell us about your wedding (if it has happened yet).

We postponed our wedding due to COVID, but we're set to get married in July at 10 Mile Music Hall in Frisco. There will be BBQ, drinks, vaccinated guests, colorful decorations and a whole lot of celebrating.

Why did you decide to work with Balefire?

Honestly it was meeting Jamie and learning 1) how beautiful her work is 2) how much she cares about her clients and community and 3) how fun she and her team are. Win/win/win!

What advice would you give to other couples shopping for wedding or engagement rings?

Don't rush it! You will figure out the perfect rings for you in your own time! Or heck, maybe it's a perfect necklace. Why not!

photos: Diana Coulter

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